2023 Conference Schedule


8:30am-9:00am: Conference Registration and Breakfast, SIC Lobby

9:00am-9:30am: Welcome-RM 0114

                               Dr. Kelly Winfrey (she/her), Interim Director of WGS, ISU

                               Nehal Sankaranthi (they/she), WGS Student Conference Intern, ISU

                               Max Mowitz (they/he), Opening Speaker

   Program Director, One Iowa

9:45am -11:00am:  Session 1-Full Abstract

1A: (Dis)placing Violence, RM 0114, Moderator: Dr. Abby Dubisar

      • Hayley Carson (she/they), “Comparative Incarceration of Trans* Women,” Grinnell College
      • Anna Olson (she/her), “An Evaluation of Violence Against Muslim Women,” Iowa State University
      • Ekta Shaikh (she/they), “When the Subaltern Speaks,” Grinnell College

1B: Revealing Inaccessibility in Education, RM 2206, Moderator: Dr. Lucia Suarez

      • Sara Elkhatib, Justin Grawe (he/him), Jaiden Jarmosco (she/her), “Food Security for On-Campus College Students,” Iowa State University
      • Olivia Garcia (she/her), Olivia Holstein (she/her), Ryn Jahn (they/she), Emily March (she/her), Sydney Roberts (she/her), “How Food Insecurity Impacts the Mental Health and Academic Performance of School Children in Single-Mother Households.” Iowa State University
      • Paul Hengesteg (he/him), “The Experiences of Gay Men Faculty at Midwestern Liberal Arts Colleges: Research-in-Progress,” Iowa State University
      • Phil Tyne (he/they), “Turning to the Archives: Searching for Disabled Representation,” Grinnell College

1C: Liberating Trans* Experience, RM 3204, Moderator: Dr. Cassandra Collier

      • Theodora Hadley (she/her), “Recognition Is the Misrecognition We Can Bear:’ Agency, Temporality, and Cruel Optimism in Stone Butch Blues,” Grinnell College
      • Fynn Wadsworth (he/him), “Self-Made Man,” Central College

11:15am-12:30pm: Session 2-Full Abstracts

2A: Feelings in Public, RM 0114, Moderator: Dr. Clara Montague

      • Makenna Brunson (they/she), “Okay, But Was It Good?”: Conversations on Sex and How They Impact Our Relationships,” Iowa State University
      • Faith Ennis (she/her),“The Creation of Women: Environment’s Affect on Female Feelings in 19th-Century British Literature, Iowa State University
      • Brittany Linch (she/her), “Gender, Shame and Secrets,” Iowa State University
      • Alex Peralta Cornejo (he/they), “Culture and Desire: Does It Come from ‘Inside’?”, University of Iowa

2B: Literary Desires, RM 2206, Moderator: Dr. Valerie Billing

      • Madeline Baird (she/they), “The Sapphic Gaze: Constructions of Identity and Environment in Sappho’s Language,”Iowa State University
      • Grae Digmann-Pearson (they/them), “Sensuality, Sodomy, and the Subversion of Heteronormative Ideals in ‘Dracula,'” Central College
      • William Donaldson (he/him), “Foregrounding David,” Grinnell College

2C: Medicine: Missing in Action, RM 3204, Moderator: Dr. Leah Allen

      • Celia Meagher (she/they), “The Influence of Visible Identity on Bedside Manner: A Study on Perceived Queerness, Neurodivergence, and Femininity in the Medical System,” Grinnell College
      • Andres Restrepo-Sanchez (he/him), “Obstetric Violence and Sex Work in Medellin, Colombia,” University of Iowa
      • Kayley Rönnkvist (she/her), “LGBTQ+ Aging in Policy and Practice,” Grinnell College

12:30pm-1:15pm: Lunch, SIC Lobby

Lunch will be picked up in the SIC Lobby at 12:30pm

1:30pm-2:45pm: Session 3-Full Abstract

3A: Imagining Justice, RM 2206, Moderator: Dr. Kelly Winfrey

      • Alisa Barzellone, Jenna Gilliam (she/her), Will Walker (he/they), April (Ace) Weber (they/them),Queer Urbanism: Planning for Inclusivity in Midwestern Cities,” Iowa State University
      • Madison Mason (she/they), “Building Your Activist Toolbelt,” Iowa State University
      • Nicole Trip (she/they), “Lesbian Crash Course,” University of Northern Iowa

3B: Mediating Gender and Sexuality, RM 3204, Moderator: Dr. Ann Oberhauser

      • Kyle Bikowski (he/him), “Inverting “Fag Discourse”: How Gaymers in Mexico Use Memes About “Los FIFAs” to Critique Chauvinistic Masculinity ” University of Iowa
      • Cara Dulin (she/her),The Economics of Beauty,” University of Iowa
      • Carter Piagentini (he/him), “Sexuality and Confinement,” Central College

3:00pm-4:00pm: Keynote Address

Olivia Garcia (she/her), WGS Student Conference Intern, ISU

Courtney Reyes (she/her), Keynote Address

Executive Director of One Iowa and One Iowa Action, ISU Alumni