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8:30am-9:00am: Conference Registration and Breakfast, RM 1118

9:00am-9:30am: Welcome

                               Dr. Ann Oberhauser, Director, Women’s and Gender Studies, ISU

                               Ren Jahn, English and WGS Major, ISU

                               Dr. Toyia Younger, Senior Vice President for Student Affairs, ISU

9:45am -11:00am:  Session 1-View Abstracts

1A: Communities and Spaces, RM 2206, Moderator: Dr. Rachel Meyers

      • Labeeha Rehaman, “Social Preservation of Purity of Women in Ancient Greece and Modern Society,” Iowa State University
      • Melina Bakhshalizadeh, Charlie Frey, Madison Mason, Somerle Rhiner, Nehal Sankaranthi, “The Iowa State Food Pantry and How It Serves the International Community,” Iowa State University
      • Mae Murphy, “The Fortress: Visualizing Ecofeminist Futures Through Witchcraft,” Iowa State University

1B: Politicized Bodies, RM 3204, Moderator: Christiana Langenberg

      • Peter Larsen, “The Politics of Natural Hairstyles: A cultural and legal history,” University of Iowa
      • Trinity Jones, “Mother,” “Poem for a Lady Who Knows What She Wants,” “How Do You Describe a Thing,” and “Search for Beauty,” Iowa State University
      • Mariana Russo, “When?,” Iowa State University

1C: Crafting Culture, RM 4202, Moderator: Dr. Susan Stewart

      • Joshua Simon, “Luis Estévez: Fashion, Elegance, and Exoticization,” Iowa State University
      • Makenna Brunson, Brittney Colburn, Elizabeth Jones, Molly Moe, “Community-Supported Accessibility,” Iowa State University
      • Emma Carlson, “If You Want Something Done Right, Do It Yourself: Combatting the Trauma of Queerbaiting as Via Fanworks,” Central College

11:15am-12:30pm: Session 2-View Abstracts

2A: Access and Inclusion: the Diversity of Disability, RM 2206

      • Jamie Niman, “Access and Inclusion: the Diversity of Disability,” a Workshop by Iowa State University Student Accessibility Services

2B: Challenging Ideas of Femininity, RM 3204, Moderator: Beth McMahon

      • Josie McCarty, “The Devil, Lilith, and The Tooth Fairy Walk into a Bar…,” Iowa State University
      • Anika Faro, “Dido, Compulsory Heterosexuality, and the Lesbian Continuum,” Central College
      • Daphne Brewer, “Estrogen, Gender and the Environment: Towards a Transfeminine Ecology,” Iowa State University

2C: Cultivating Inclusion, RM 4202, Moderator: Dr. Abby Dubisar

      • Britt Jungck, “Reframing Pedagogy: Exploring nontraditional teaching practices to create more representative classrooms,” Iowa State University
      • David Wahl, “ADVANCE Midwest Partnership: How to build a collaborative, cross-institutional partnership,” Iowa State University
      • Kate Budziak, Alex Klein, Morgan Laviolette, Ashleigh O’Brien, Katelynn Pinkman, “Iowan Free and Reduced Lunch Programs and Socioeconomic Access,” Iowa State University

12:30pm-2:00pm: Lunch and Keynote Speaker

Lunch will be picked up in RM 1118 at 12:30pm, and Keynote Address will start at 1pm in RM 0114

Victoria Reyna-Rodriguez, Journalism and WGS, ISU

Dr. Lina-Marie Murillo, “Reproductive Justice Now!: A Historical Approach” 

Assistant Professor, Departments of Gender, Women’s, and Sexuality Studies, History, and Latina/o/x Studies, University of Iowa

2:15pm-3:30pm: Session 3-View Abstracts

3A: Circuits of Masculinity, RM 2206, Moderator: Dr. Cassandra Collier

      • Nancy Gebhart, “Painting the Patriarchy: White Supremacy in the Portrait Tradition,” Iowa State University
      • Alex Peralta Cornejo, “Tenderness and Masculinity: an academic love letter for Tom,” University of Iowa
      • Kyra Streck, Daphne Brewer, Sam Clement, Carolina Vieira Marasciulo, and Natalie Shimp, “Let’s Make ‘Em Squeal,” Iowa State University

3B: Enacting Feminist Change, RM 3204, Moderator: Victoria Reyna-Rodriguez

      • Morrgan Zmolek, “And then This,” “Lies,” and “Becoming Alyssa,” Iowa State University
      • Ashleigh O’Brien, “A Love Letter to Feminism,” Iowa State University
      • Stephanie Gibb-Clark, “Figuring New Plateaus: Step(pe)s Between Posthuman and anarcho- Feminisms,” Iowa State University