Erin Meek



Erin E. Meek is a sociologist and equity scholar. Meek grew up in rural Texas and performed her graduate work at Iowa State in Interdisciplinary Graduate Studies, in the areas of Sociology, Religion, and Women’s and Gender Studies. Meek has been teaching in higher education for 6 years, with courses in Sociology, Education, and Women’s and Gender Studies at Des Moines Area Community College, Drake University, the University of Iowa, and Iowa State University. Her current areas of research include: contemporary queer identity studies, organizational equality, foster care, and education. Understanding the importance of applying practice to academic study, Meek has also served in the domestic peace core, performs outreach and training on the American foster care system, and continues to work as an equity consultant and researcher. Meek lives in Des Moines with her wife, 3 children, 2 dogs, and the occasional foster family member. They spend their free time watching movies together and testing out new recipes.