Gloria Jones-Johnson

Dept:Sociology - LAS
Office:202 East Hall
510 Farm House Ln
Ames IA

Gloria Jones Johnson is University Professor of Sociology who specializes and teaches courses in social psychology, social inequality and work and occupations. She is the director of the Women's and Gender Studies Program.

Courses I Teach
  • WS 201: Introduction to Women Studies
  • WS 350: Women of Color in US
  • WS 425: Intersections of Race,Class and Gender
  • SOC 331: Social Class & Inequality
  • SOC 380: Sociology of Work
  • SOC 305: Social Psychology
  • SOC 520: Advanced Seminar in Social Psychology
  • B.A. (Sociology), Talladega College, 1978
  • M.A. (Sociology), Bowling Green State University, 1980
  • Ph.D. (Sociology), The University of Michigan, 1986
Research Areas

Her recent research foci are self-employment and the contingent work force.

Recent Publications
  • Jones-Johnson, Gloria, W.Roy Johnson and Natalia Frishman. 2014. "Race and Gender Differences in Obesity and Disease." Sociology Mind,Volume 4,233-214.
  • Jones-Johnson, Gloria, Matt DeLisi, Andy Hochstetler, W. Roy Johnson and Natalia Frishman 2013 “Gender Differences in Social Relationships , Social Integration and Substance Use.” Sociology Mind, Volume 3, Number 1 (January): 106-113.
  • DeLisi, Matt, Andy Hochstetler, Gloria Jones-Johnson, Jonathan Caudhill and James Marquart 2011. “ The Road to Murder : The Enduring Criminogenic Effects of Juvenile Confinement Among a Sample of Adult Career Criminals”. Youth Violence and Juvenile Justice, 9:207-221.
  • Hochstetler, Andy, Matt DeLisi, Gloria Jones-Johnson and W. Roy Johnson 2010 “The Criminal Victimization-Depression Sequela: Examining the Effects of Violent Victimization on Depression with a Longitudinal Propensity Score Design.” Crime and Delinquency (revise/resubmit).
  • DeLisi, Matt, Gloria Jones-Johnson, W. Roy Johnson, and Andy Hochstetler 2010 “The Aftermath of Criminal Victimization: Race, Self-Esteem, and Self-Efficacy.” Crime and Delinquency. Published on line, January 22, 1-21.
  • Jones Johnson, Gloria and W. Roy Johnson 2006 "The Effects of Self-Employment and Supervision on Self-esteem and Depression." Journal of Social Behavior and Personality, V:1-24.
  • Jones Johnson, Gloria and W. Roy Johnson 2005 "Cumulative Disadvantage Theory and Contingent Work :Race and Gender Comparisons.” African American Research Perspectives 11(1):151-168.
  • Jones Johnson, Gloria and W. Roy Johnson 2002 "Mediators of the Relationship between Perceived Overqualification and Organizational Commitment." National Journal of Sociology, 13(1):1-26.
  • Johnson, W. Roy, Paula Morrow, and Gloria Jones Johnson 2002 "An Evaluation of a Perceived Overqualification Scale Across Work Settings." Journal of Psychology, 136(4):425-441.
  • Jones Johnson, Gloria and W. Roy Johnson 2000 "Perceived Overqualification, Positive and Negative Affectivity and Satisfaction with Work." Journal of Social Behavior and Personality, 15(2):167-184.
Life outside University

She likes to travel internationally, read, listen to music, exercise/go to gym classes.Hiking , biking and watching videos are some of her other interests.