Faculty Affiliates

Faculty Affiliates of the Women’s and Gender Studies Program are members of the Iowa State University community committed to, and actively involved in, fulfilling the Program’s mission of teaching, research, and outreach. To apply to become a WGS Faculty Affiliate, please follow the instructions and fill out the application.

As an interdisciplinary academic program, Women’s and Gender Studies depends upon the work of university-wide faculty who cross the boundaries of their disciplines to contribute to the development and diffusion of knowledge and activism within this field of study.

Faculty Affiliates include tenure-track faculty, lecturers, clinicians, professional and scientific employees, and adjunct faculty members at ISU.

WGS faculty affiliates are eligible to apply for the Mini-Grants Program to support their research and professional development activities. Please fill out the application form here with information about how your work will contribute to women’s and gender studies, feminist and related scholarship and/or teaching. There is no specific deadline for this award.

Sandy Andrews Assistant Teaching Professor [FS HN]
Carmen Bain Associate Dean [AGLS]
Amy Bix Distinguished Professor [HIST]
Dawn Bratsch-Prince Associate Provost [SVPP]
Michael Bugeja Distinguished Professor [GSJC]
Barbara Caldwell Professor [A V C]
Sarah Chase Graduate Assistant [SOE]
Cassandra Collier Lecturer [WGS]
Jen Coppoc Associate Teaching Professor [ENGL]
Stacy Cordery Professor [LAS]
Betty Dobratz Professor Emeritus [SCJ S]
Shelby Doyle Associate Professor [ARCH]
Abby Dubisar Associate Professor [ENGL]
Joel Geske Associate Professor [GSJC]
Emily Godbey Associate Professor [A V C]
Shannon Harper Assistant Professor [SOCCJ]
Kathleen Hilliard Associate Professor [HIST]
Sonya Huffman Adjunct Associate Professor Emeritus [ECON]
Tera Jordan Assistant Provost for Faculty Success [SVPP]
Karen Kedrowski Director [CCCC]
Maggie LaWare Professor [ENGL]
Ingrid Lilligren Professor [A V C]
Tracy Lucht Associate Professor [GSJC]
Sara Marcketti Morrill Professor [CELT]
Sandra Marcu Assistant Director Student Services [D S O]
Olga Mesropova Associate Professor [WLC]
Rachel Meyers Associate Professor [WLC]
Kelly Odenweller Associate Teaching Professor [PSYCH]
Peter Orazem University Professor Emeritus [ECONS]
Amy Popillion Teaching Professor [HD FS]
Jo Anne Powell-Coffman Associate Dean [LAS]
Kelly Reddy-Best Professor [AESHM]
Calli Sanders Senior Associate Athletics Director [ATHDP]
Karen Scheel Teaching Professor [PSYCH]
David Schweingruber Associate Professor [SOCCJ]
Linda Shenk Professor [ENGL]
Amy Slagell Associate Dean [LAS]
Renu Srivastava Assistant Teaching Professor [GDCB]
TJ Stewart Assistant Professor [SOE]
Susan Stewart Professor [SOCCJ]
Lucía M. Suárez Associate Professor [WLC]
Denise Vrchota Teaching Professor Emeritus [PSYCH]
Stacey Weber-Fève Associate Professor [WLC]
Kelly Winfrey Interim Director
Clark Wolf Professor [PH RS]