WGS “Feminist Research in Action” Group Researches Stalking at ISU

brochure about stalking
By Trinity Jones

According to Iowa Code 708.11, stalking is defined as when a person “purposefully engages in course of conduct that would cause reasonable person to fear bodily injury to death to (themself) or immediate family; perpetrator knows or should have known that the person would be fearful and course of conduct actually induces fear.” 

Iowa State students Sarah Muller, Anna Swatzendruber, Jennifer Nunez, and Shelby Krug conducted research on stalking in a WGS 402/502 Feminist Research in Action project during the spring semester.  They did research on stalking for student advocacy organizations, for law enforcement, and resources to prevent, help, and stop stalking. 

Their study, which consisted of 614 people, “focused on the presence of stalking on campus, the understanding of resources available, and whether students’ experiences with stalking aligned with the legal and advocacy definitions of stalking.” 

From their research on student advocacy organizations, they discovered a large disconnect between student understanding of stalking and their experience. “The varying definitions show a lack of education about stalking for our students. This disconnect may result in victims not reporting or seeking help.”  

Various resources for preventing, helping and stoping stalking were provided in their research, such as ACCESS (the assault center extending service and support),  Safe Ride, and Student Services Legal Services. For information on their research, you can check their pamphlets below.

Pamphlet #1 “Resource to Prevent, Help & Stop Stalking”

Pamphlet #2 “Stalking on Iowa State University’s Campus: Resources for Law Enforcement”

Pamphlet #3 “Stalking on Iowa State University’s Campus: Results for Student Advocacy Organizations”