The Women’s and Gender Studies Program in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (LAS) is a cross-disciplinary program in which students may elect a minor or a major. Students majoring in women’s and gender studies will receive a bachelor of arts. A bachelor of science degree is also available for students who complete 12 credits in addition to the general education requirements across the areas of natural science, mathematics, and social science. Women’s and gender studies provides an opportunity for students to examine gender roles and status in social and cultural contexts and to investigate a variety of disciplines from feminist perspectives.

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    Major and Minor

    When you major in women’s and gender studies at Iowa State University, some of the nation’s leading experts in the field will provide you with the foundation to positively impact the world. You will improve your critical thinking, examine the relationship between knowledge and power in society and promote social responsibility by examining the connections between personal experience and political activity.

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    Graduate Studies

    A graduate minor in women’s and gender studies provides students with knowledge of theories and methods within a variety of approaches in feminist scholarship. This offers students opportunities for systematic study of gender and women’s experiences and perspectives in all knowledge fields. Students will be prepared to take a leadership role in supporting gender equity and diversity in their careers in education, social service work, business, law, public policy, governmental and non-governmental organizations, and research.

Anna Swartzendruber

I want to work in gender violence prevention programming and research. [An internship with] ACCESS gives me the opportunity to learn from people doing prevention work. It also provides me with essential training about trauma, victim advocacy and our social structures which is important to the work I want to go into down the road.”

Anna Swartzendruber, ’20 women’s and gender studies


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