Students in Women’s and Gender Studies learn skills and develop knowledge to prepare them for multiple and varied careers and opportunities after they graduate. Many begin with a WGS 491 Internship to get a sense of where to apply their skills.

Career Skills

The multidisciplinary nature of this field teaches students to develop and apply the following skills that are essential for today’s job market:

  • Communication through writing, reading, and verbal and nonverbal expression in classes and related activities
  • Critical thinking in areas that include social justice, feminist advocacy, diversity and inclusion, and economic rights for all citizens
  • Historical analysis of socio-economic, political, and cultural processes that shape our lives
  • Self-confidence in your ability to contribute to society through creative expression, advocacy, and collaboration

For starters, some of the jobs and professions in this field include:

  • Human resources
  • Marketing and public relations
  • Health care
  • Community organizations
  • Government agencies
  • Education
  • Media specialties
  • Research analysis

Internship Suggestions

Explore these local and national organizations with feminist, justice, and equity are central pillars or our WGS students have interned in the past.

Once you’ve secured an internship, complete the application below:


Finally, here is some advice to students and graduates in women’s, gender, sexuality, and feminist studies …

  • Think broadly about your career path … some jobs may not seem obvious (don’t limit your search), you have skills and experiences to fit many positions in today’s dynamic labor market
  • Build your experiences and expertise outside the classroom – get involved in campus activities and groups, as well as community and other organizations that overlap with your interests (or maybe something you have never explored before!)
  • Network, network, network … take advantage of social media and contacts through school, friends, and family to learn more about this field and to meet people. Attend conferences and seminars in this field.
  • Apply yourself and work hard in everything you do … persevere and put yourself out there to build relationships and prepare for your future
  • Finally, follow your passion!  Learn what makes you excited and passionate.  You can create a better sense of self and the world around you if you enjoy what you are doing.
Please contact us with questions or comments about employment and other opportunities in this area:


Explore the following websites (and many more) for additional information about careers and internships in women’s and gender studies and related fields

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