Congratulations to Megan Lutz, WGS minor

By Trinity Jones

Megan Lutz (she/her/hers) is a graduating senior who will receive her degree in English and Public Relations with a minor in Women’s and Gender Studies and Technical Communication. After taking many classes that were crossed-listed with WGS her interest in the program sparked. 

“The common theme was that I was so interested in feminism, the history of feminism, and how it intersects into our everyday lives from language use to consumer culture,” says Lutz. 

Her favorite WGS class was WGS 430, Gender and Consumer Culture because she found the material thought-provoking and sparked interesting conversations.  

“I was so thoroughly challenged, and I was also encouraged to think about how what I’m learning and working on now can equip me for skills/projects/conversations that I can have on these topics later in life or in the real world.”

As Megan moves on from Iowa State, she’s searching for a post-graduation job, and hopes to adopt a cat, spend time working on her poetry and improve her rolling skating skills. She also leaves a word of advice that she learned as a WGS student. 

Question everything. If something you see makes you itch, or it just doesn’t sit right, there’s usually a reason. You should question the way things are run and why things are “just the way they’ve always been” in order to better understand the world around you and enact change when necessary.”