Student Spotlight: Lindsey Huber, WGS Grad Minor

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Lindsey Huber (she/her/hers) will graduate this spring with a Master’s in Rhetoric, Composition, and Professional Communication. Additionally, Lindsey has earned a Women’s and Gender Studies graduate minor. Although gender has been at the fore of Lindsey’s research while at Iowa State, it wasn’t until recently that she added the Women’s and Gender Studies graduate minor to her course of study.

“My undergraduate advisor, Christiana Langenberg, told me that I was over halfway to completing the undergrad minor and that I should add it to my major,” Lindsey explained. “I was like, ‘tell me more.'”

“I was really fascinated with how deeply rooted gender is in our society and how gender affects not only our day-to-day routines but also how we remember people and events.”

Lindsey is an army veteran and her experience as a woman in the military has informed her focus and research while at ISU. “Throughout my time at Iowa State, I have focused primarily on war memorials for past research; however, memorials are a small part of the war story genre. I would like to expand and look at films or other popular culture artifacts.”

“I have learned so much [in the Women’s and Gender Studies courses,] from critical analysis, feminist theory, and rhetorics, to feminist research methodology. I will be able to take what I have learned in the Women’s and Gender Studies program and apply it to my research to help try to view my research from multiple standpoints, not just my own, and to help make myself a better and more ethical researcher.”

Lindsey will be going to the University of Nebraska (Lincoln) to pursue her PhD in Communication and Women’s and Gender Studies. She hopes to work in academia and teach in these areas.

“If given the opportunity, I aspire to be someone that can bring recognition and work towards a solution to where we have gone wrong when it comes to women veterans. I have been angry, I have been frustrated, I have felt isolated, I have cried with friends, and I have buried friends. I am saying enough is enough; we cannot continue to repress women veterans.”

“What I enjoyed the most about the Women’s and Gender Studies programs were the conversations and collaborations,” Lindsey says. “I enjoyed listening to various exchanges of different perspectives and personal experiences that are not always taken into account. The faculty in the Women’s and Gender Studies program have been wonderful to study under and have helped me with how I approach my research.”