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Welcome to WGS, Dr. Cassy Collier!

Author: annober

Womens’ and Gender Studies is excited to announce a new member to our teaching team. Dr. Cassy Collier (she/her) is joining our program this Fall and will help teach many of our favorite courses for the upcoming school year.

Dr. Collier recently completed her Ph.D. in Women’s and Gender Studies at Arizona State University. Dr. Collier’s dissertation focused on drag queens in media and current performers in Phoenix, Arizona. Cassandra’s areas of interest and expertise include feminist theory, queer theory & queer of color critique, feminist phenomenology, popular culture, performance studies, and fan studies.

I’m a first-generation college student, and I spent my academic career at public universities. I love working with students in public universities, because it’s often such a wide-range of folks from all walks of life! The WGS Program at Iowa State was one that seemed lively, engaged, and committed to blending theory and praxis, which I think is integral to feminist work.

I’m excited to meet and work with everyone, the students, fellow faculty. ISU seems like a great size that allows for great opportunities for students but also able to foster a more focused educational experience.

When I’m not working, I love to read, or play video games (Breath of the Wild is a favorite still, but you can’t go wrong with a Skyrim or Witcher 3), or crochet! And always happy to chat about the unending stream of both good and fun trash TV!

This fall, Cassandra will be teaching two sections of WGS 201 “Intro to Women’s and Gender Studies,” and WGS 401/501 “Feminist Theories.” Her office will be in Carver Hall. You can reach her at