Michele Schaal

Assistant Professor [WLC]
Dept:World Languages And Cultures
Office:2230 Pearson
505 Morrill Rd
Ames IA

A native of France, Michèle A. Schaal pursued her graduate studies in the USA at Indiana University, Bloomington, so as to provide her work with a Gender Studies perspective. Always looking for original and cutting-edge experiences, while ABD, she spent four years in Germany where she was part the Free University’s Frankreich-Zentrum, a center devoted to French studies. After her dissertation defense and graduation in 2012, she joined ISU as an Assistant Professor of English and Women’s Studies.

Curriculum Vitae

Courses I Teach
  • WS 201: Introduction to Women’s Studies
  • ENGL 349: Multicultural Literatures of the United States: “Intersectionality and Intertextuality in Contemporary Fiction by Multicultural Women Writers”
  • WS/ENGL 545: Women’s Literature: “Portraits of In-betweenness”
  • WS 501: Contemporary Feminist Theory
  • 2012: PhD in French Literature; Minor in Gender Studies; Indiana University, Bloomington
  • 2005: Master of Arts in French literature; Minor in Gender Studies; Indiana University, Bloomington
  • 2001: Maîtrise d’anglais (Master of Arts in English); Université de Strasbourg
  • 1999: Licence d’anglais (Bachelor of Arts in English); Université de Strasbourg
Research Areas
  • Late 20th and early 21st literature and women writers
  • Gender studies
  • American third-wave feminism
  • Contemporary French feminisms
  • Intermediality
  • Literary hypermodernity
Recent Publications
  • “Literary Borderlersness and Crossings: Marie Hélène Poitras’s Early Fictions” Women in French Studies 22 (2014): 44-61.
  • “Claire Legendre’s Portrait of Hypermodern Society.” Studies in 20th & 21st Century Literature 37.1 (2013): 26-50.
  • “The Hypermodern Condition in Isabelle Flükiger’s Novels.” Michael Gratzke, Margaret-Anne Hutton and Claire Whitehead, eds. Readings in Twenty-First-Century Literatures. Oxford: Peter Lang Publishers, 2013. 303-24.
  • “Une Nécessaire rébellion féministe: La violence féminine chez Virginie Despentes.” Colette Trout and Frédérique Chevillot, eds. Rebelles, vilaines et criminelles chez les écrivaines d’expression française. Amsterdam: Rodopi, 2013. 267-82.
  • “Troisième vague féministe américaine et jeune féminisme français: une introduction comparative.” Lendemains 37.145 (2012): 102-24.
  • “Un Conte de fées punk-rock féministe : Bye Bye Blondie de Virginie Despentes.” Dalhousie French Studies 99 (2012): 49-61.
  • “Le ‘je’ comme ‘jeu’ : Genre féminin et performance dans Truismes de Marie Darrieussecq.” Dalhousie French Studies 98. Special issue on Marie Darrieussecq (2012): 49-58.
  • “Virginie Despentes or a French Third Wave of Feminism?” Adrienne Angelo and Erika Fülöp, eds. Cherchez la femme: Women and Values in the Francophone World. Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2011. 39-55.
  • “Cendrillon détective : intertopoïsme performatif dans Piège pour Cendrillon de Sébastien Japrisot.” Loïse Bilat and Gianni Haver, eds. Le Héros était une femme... Le genre de l’aventure. Lausanne: Antipodes, 2011. 111-26.
  • “Gendered Performances: Fatherhood and Masculinity in Virginie Despentes’s Teen Spirit.” Edith B. Vandervoort, ed. Masculinities in Twentieth- and Twenty-first Century French and Francophone Literature. Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2011. 41-63.
Life outside University

When not on campus, I enjoy going to museums, lap swimming and, as a French woman: cooking!