TJ Stewart


Dept:School Of Education
901 Stange Rd
Ames IA


My work is primarily focused on people, populations, and ideas in the 'margins of the margins' specifically this has taken my focus on college students engaged in sex work/erotic labor with a primary focus on those with racial minoritized and sexual minoritized identities. I also do work on fatphobia/sizeism and the politics of the body. I recently published a paper focused on Black women and the nuances of fat resistance. Similarly, I study activism and resistance in many different contexts; one of them being a study that explored how Black women engage in everyday resistance via social media. I identity as a Black feminist and much of my work is undergirded by a Black feminist, womanist, and endarkened feminist tradition/epistemology. I am currently collecting data for a study exploring the experience of fat students on campus using the construct of "body terrorism” grounded in Black women’s ways of knowing.

Women's and Gender Studies or related courses taught at ISU or other colleges/universities:

I primarily teach equity and justice-related courses in the School of Education. Including Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in Student Affairs, Critical Race Theory in Education (which is cross-listed in WGS), and Decolonizing Praxis. I am also slated to start rotating in a course titled Gender and Sexuality in Education. Finally, I teach an Advising and Supporting course which focuses on capacity building for Student Affairs professionals as they understand their roles and work to develop counseling skills for college students.