Grants & Awards

Your continued support of Iowa State University's Women’s and Gender Studies Program is greatly appreciated.

Linda Galyon Undergraduate Scholarship Award 2018-2019 -- Applications now open

This scholarship supports an undergraduate student majoring in Women’s and Gender Studies at Iowa State University. In order to qualify for this $1000 scholarship for the 2018-2019 academic year, students must be sophomores, juniors, or seniors; enrolled as a student in the fall 2018 semester; and have a minimum GPA of 3.0.  Selection is also based on the student’s demonstrated commitment to the field of women’s and gender studies.

To apply for the 2018 Linda Galyon Undergraduate Scholarship, download and complete the application form here.

Women's and Gender Studies Graduate Scholarship Award 2018-2019 -- Applications now open

To apply for the 2018 WGS Graduate Scholarship, download and complete the application form here.

Julissa Garcia, Linda Galyon Undergraduate Scholarship Award for 2017-18

Julissa is an undergraduate major in Women’s and Gender Studies at ISU. She is involved in several organizations on campus, including the Society for the Advancement of Gender Equity (SAGE). In her application for this award, she stated, “the furthering of my learning of the feminist movement through both women’s studies courses and SAGE has become a huge influence on my decisions to add a women’s studies major, and changing the course of my academic and professional field. I hope to take actions with my beliefs and that we continue the fight for equality.”

WGS Faculty Affiliate Mini-Grants

To build a vigorous and diverse Women's and Gender Studies research community at Iowa State University, and to enhance the dissemination of WGS scholarship locally, nationally, and internationally, the WGS program is pleased to offer mini-grants to our faculty affiliates for research, conference presentations, and professional development opportunities.

To apply for a mini-grant, you must be a tenure/tenure-track WGS faculty affiliate for a minimum of one-year. Download and complete the application form here.

Other grants and awards …

Itzel Padron Zuniga, undergraduate student in Women's and Gender Studies, received an Undergraduate Social Action Award from the Sociologists for Women in Society (SWS). This national award, given during the SWS meeting in Memphis, TN, in 2016, recognized Itzel "for her coordination of a student demonstration meant to challenge rape culture and victim-blaming rhetoric."

Christiana Langenberg, academic advisor for English and Women’s and Gender Studies, was awarded a College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Advising Innovation Grant for $2500.  She worked with several undergraduate to develop and lead the workshop “Beyond the Gender Binary:  Developing an Understanding of Inclusive Language Practices” during the spring semester at ISU.

Amy Bix, Professor of History, was the Winner of the 2015 Margaret W. Rossiter History of Women in Science Prize, from  the History of Science Society for her book Girls Coming to Tech!: A History of American Engineering Education for Women; (Cambridge: MIT Press, 2013). This prize is awarded every other year in recognition of an    outstanding book on the history of women in science.

Abby Dubisar, Assistant Professor of English, was awarded a Women & Gender Studies Mini-Grant for Research & Professional Development. This award will help her conduct research in London at the archive of the Associate Country Women of the World (ACWW) where she will learn more about Iowa native Ruth Buxton Sayre who expanded the role of farm women as global citizens. 

Stacey Weber-Fève, Associate Professor of French, received the Nelson Brooks Award for Excellence in the Teaching of Culture. This award is given by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL).

May and August 2017 Graduates in Women’s and Gender Studies

Graduate Degree

Alexia Angton, MA in Sociology and Graduate minor in WGS
Cori Hyde, MA in Sociology and Graduate Minor in WGS
Jaeeon Yoo, PhD in Human Development and Family Studies and Graduate minor in WGS

Undergraduate BA Degree
Women’s and Gender Studies Major

Morgan Carroll, Women’s and Gender Studies, Religion, and International Studies
Ana Haigh, Women’s and Gender Studies
Hunter Martin, Public Relations and Women’s and Gender Studies
Itzel Padron Zuniga, Women’s and Gender Studies and Sociology
Maggie Patterson, Women’s and Gender Studies