Study Abroad

  • Learn about women’s lives in different cultures
  • Apply classroom topics to international settings
  • Discover how gender relations differ around the world
  • Work with an advocacy group to prevent human trafficking

These and other topics related to Women's and Gender Studies are addressed in the growing fields of study abroad, global service learning, and experiential education.
All students, regardless of their major, are strongly encouraged to engage in an international experience at least once.  The rewards are endless and enrich your educational and personal growth.
The ISU Women’s and Gender Studies Program and affiliated faculty offer several classes that are oriented towards foreign languages and literature, international development, women’s global leadership, and more.

Some examples are
Global Leadership Study Abroad in Sweden (offered through Leadership Studies)

Upcoming programs

  • Human trafficking and women’s empowerment in Thailand and Vietnam (Summer 2017)
  • Gender and Sustainable Development in Tanzania (Summer 2017)

Financing your study abroad

Several financial aid program and scholarships are available through colleges at ISU
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Contacts for additional resources and programs offered through ISU

Iowa State University Study Abroad Center

Liberal Arts and Sciences Study Abroad

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Study Abroad

Please contact us with questions about study abroad and other opportunities